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Paragon Copiers Solution endeavor to provide our customers with high-tech, high-performance Ricoh Photocopier in Karachi at competitive rates, We are selling Ricoh photocopier machine with and without Network Printer and also much more. we also offer Ricoh copier repair and services in Karachi.

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Ricoh Aficio 3035

The Ricoh AFICIO 3035 was designed for quick, quality printing. It is a 35 page-per-minute copier that can be customized to fit the needs of your company. The Ricoh AFICIO 3035 can be changed into a multifunctional machine by adding printer, scanner, and/or fax options, an exceptional feature for growing businesses. Ricoh rated the monthly duty cycle at 80,000 impressions, enough to keep up with fast workflow.

Standard automatic duplexing will reduce your paper consumption by up to half and condense hardcopy storage. The Ricoh AFICIO 3035 will effortlessly take single-sided input and transform it into double-sided output. Beginning with two 500-sheet trays and 50-sheet bypass, the paper storage is 1,050 sheets. There are optional tray additions available to reach the 3,550-sheet max.

Memory on the AFICIO 3035 starts with 128 MB RAM and can be upgraded to 384 MB RAM to ensure seamless production of even complex projects. The toner cartridge (888185) for the Ricoh AFICIO 3035 has an estimated yield of 30,000 pages when averaging 6 percent page coverage. Replacements can be purchased in both the genuine Ricoh brand and Precision compatible.

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Ricoh MP 2501 SP

The Ricoh MP 2501 SP bring new possibilities to workgroups and small businesses. On their own, the A3 black and white MFPs provide productive and economical printing, copying and colour scanning. And that’s just part of their appeal. The devices can also be integrated with software offering everything from electronic workflows to remote management. Other features normally found on higher speed devices include a customisable 4.3 inch colour touchscreen display and optional HDD. Now even small businesses can enjoy the cost savings and process efficiencies enjoyed by large enterprises.

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Ricoh Aficio 3045

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Ricoh AFICIO 3045 is a 45 page-per-minute copier with a flexible upgrade path. The Ricoh AFICIO 3045 can be transformed into a multifunctional device by adding printer, scanner, and/or fax options. This choice is excellent for growing businesses. The large monthly duty max is rated by Ricoh at 100,000 impressions, this robust amount will be able to keep up with busy document traffic. Automatic duplexing is standard; the Ricoh AFICIO 3045 will take single-sided input and convert it to double-sided output. This will reduce your paper consumption by up to half and condense hardcopy storage.

Dual 500-sheet drawers start off your paper storage, along with the 50-sheet bypass tray. Additional tray options are available to reach up to the 3,550-page max. Another upgradable feature involves the memory. It starts at 128 MB RAM and can be increased to 384 MB RAM. The toner cartridge (888185) for the Ricoh AFICIO 3045 has a projected page yield of 30,000 when averaging 6 percent page coverage. It is available in both the genuine Ricoh brand and Precision compatible.

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Ricoh Aficio MP 3010

The Ricoh AFICIO MP 3010 is a standard copier that can transform into a multifunctional machine when additional modes (print, scan, and fax) are added. It produces multiple copies up to 30 ppm and first copies in 4.4 seconds making it quick and proficient. The toner (Ricoh 888169) yield is good at an estimated 11,000 pages with 6 percent coverage. The Ricoh AFICIO MP3010 is great for growing companies because it has several options to add as you need them.

Standard paper capacity on the Ricoh AFICIO MP3010 is 1,100 pages through two 500-sheet paper trays and the 100-sheet multipurpose tray. There are more paper trays available if you would like the maximum paper capacity of 3,100 pages; this allows for fewer interruptions during long print runs.

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Ricoh Aficio 3025

The 25 page-per-minute Ricoh AFICIO 3025 is a black and white copier. It has the potential to transform into a multifunctional machine if you add the fax, scan, and print modes. The Ricoh AFICIO 3025 was built with mid-sized businesses in mind. It has a 45,000-impression monthly duty max that enables it to keep up with fairly heavy volume printing.

Paper handling is versatile; it comes with two 500-sheet drawers and a 100-sheet bypass tray. There are various trays available to reach the max capacity of 3,100 sheets. The Ricoh AFICIO 3025 comes with automatic duplexing; if you utilize this feature you can produce two-sided documents for efficient paper conservation. Toner (Ricoh 888169) yield is good; estimated at 11,000 pages with 6 percent coverage before needing replaced.

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Ricoh Aficio MP 2550

Ricoh released the AFICIO MP2550 in 2008. It is a standard copier with a flexible upgrade path to print, scan, and faxing capabilities. The large monthly duty max is rated at 100,000 pages giving it the power to keep up with busy document traffic. Print speeds are brisk at 25 ppm and first copies are dispersed in 4.5 seconds. The toner yield (Ricoh 888169) is projected to be 11,000 pages with 6 percent average page coverage.

The Ricoh AFICIO MP2550 is well-equipped with automatic duplexing, dual 500-sheet paper drawers, and 100-sheet multipurpose tray. These features will keep your business productive. If you would like to have fewer interruptions reloading paper you can purchase the additional tray options to reach the 3,100-sheet capacity. Paper handling is flexible; the Ricoh AFICIO MP2550 can accommodate a broad spectrum of paper styles including plain, recycled, transparencies, and labels. Paper sizes range from half-letter to ledger.

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Ricoh Aficio MP 2851

The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 multifunctional machine will replace individual office equipment with its standard capabilities of copying, printing, scanning, and the optional fax function. Productivity is enhanced with print speeds of 28 pages-per-minute in as little as 4.5 seconds. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 automatic duplexing is efficient for output and paper conservation.

The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851's maximum paper capacity of 3,100-sheets will minimize manual paper filing. The dual 500-sheet paper trays are user-adjustable and can accommodate envelopes up to 11"x 17" paper. The 100-Sheet bypass tray will hold a variety of paper types and sizes to enhance the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 paper handling.

The genuine Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 black toner (Ricoh 841337) will yield an estimated 11,000 pages at 6 percent coverage. Toner is easily monitored on the large color control panel. Replace the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 toner easily through the front access door.

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Ricoh MP 2553

Increasing your office productivity while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact may appear to be a paradox, but the Ricoh MP 2553 enable you to meet both objectives. These A3 black-and-white multifunction devices incorporate Ricoh’s latest controller to give you features to transform your productivity. These include Searchable PDF, ID Card Copy, and extensive scan/fax capabilities. At the same time, a short warm-up time, low power consumption and standard duplex make these compact MFDs environmentally responsible.

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Ricoh Pro 8300s

Your organization depends on cost-efficient, reliable, user-friendly black-and-white printing, copying, scanning and sharing. With space at a premium, the RICOH Pro 8300s was designed to deliver the productivity you need in a more compact footprint to make sure every user can meet their needs quickly and easily. Supporting a broad range of media — including colored papers — and the finishing options you rely on to make educational materials, business documents and customer communications crisp and professional, this system increases the efficiency of producing any job. The new, tablet-like 17" Smart Operation Panel, robust paper Library and intuitive controls ensure that even novice users can achieve outstanding results every time

Produce projects in-house with razor-sharp text, lines and images in blackand-white at up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution. Do it fast, with output up to 96 pages per minute and a total paper capacity of up to 8,800 sheets* with optional trays to make shorter work of long print jobs. Meet environmental goals and control total operating cost with a device that is ENERGY STAR® certified, meets EPEAT® Gold** criteria and prints on a wide variety of media from plain paper to cover stocks. The system is backed by Ricoh's extensive National Field Services team to ensure your system is up and running when you need it most

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