Paragon Copier Solution (PCS) is the leading Photocopier Trader in Karachi. Paragon deals in wholesale and retail of Photocopier in Karachi. PCS provides photocopier machines on sale and rental basis. PCS involves in the sale of new and refurbished photocopier machines with or without warranty as consumer needs. We are professionals in the field of printing industry therefore offers professional solution for your printing needs. We quickly adapt new innovations and technologies in the printing field.

Photocopier Trader in Karachi

Paragon Copier Solution is the best dealer of refurbished Photocopier in Karachi. PCS is always keen to provide, best suitable machines at minimum possible price. We focus on complete solution of printing needs. You can also contact us for complete printing solution. We will manage your printing needs by maintaining photocopier machines, providing papers, consumables and operator. We offer optimum value in terms of goods and services.

PCS not only provides outstanding photocopier machines but also provides exceptional services to obtain customers loyalty and trust. PCS is more concern with customers satisfaction and mutual growth because we associate our growth with the customers growth. i.e. You win, we win.

PCS offers its photocopier machines in number of ways that best suit the customer's need and requirements. PCS offers its Photocopier machines with and without annual service and parts warranty. We also provide photocopier machines on rental basis and on per copy cost basis.

Photocopier Parts and Toner

We also import photocopier parts and toner in order to maintain our photocopier machines in best running conditions. We have experienced staff and technicians that keen to serve their services in a professional way. Our technicians and engineers visit at client premises at least once in a month and on client's call. We also offer photocopier repair services but gives first preference to our existing clients.

Bulk Printing Services

Paragon also offers bulk printing services and digital printing services in Karachi. PCS performs printing services in in-house and at client premises. You can call us and get your bulk printing services at ease. We have outstanding, heavy duty, digital photocopier machines and experienced operators who perform large volume printing services in a professional way.